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Tabs in progressive!

Uncertainty -  See More»

Rating: 7

Defininetly the best thing i've made so far (not exactly earthbreaking by any means). It's one of my few songs where I liked the solo (even though it was a little short). I enjoyed almost all of it except my transitions which are like bricks being thrown at a glass window.

Scorch posted this tab on 03/28/12 | 10 Comments

Song In Progress -  See More»

Rating: 8

Hey guys. Yeah I've been too damn busy with work and school to really focus on writing so hopefully I'll have this done over the break. Here's where I'm at. It's not nearly as seamless as it will be because I like to make a skeleton and then add in all the frilly goodness later (transitions, dynamics, effects, etc). The last riff is the solo riff and this is going to be structured a lot like End of the Road is.

ROXguitarist19 posted this tab on 12/25/11 | 15 Comments

Progressive Death -  See More»

Rating: 8


mcnugg3t posted this tab on 09/10/11 | 12 Comments

Layers (update) -  See More»

Rating: 9

added solo just before the outro.

mcnugg3t posted this tab on 09/03/11 | 14 Comments

Layers -  See More»

Rating: 9

My first upload to the site. Hope you enjoy.

mcnugg3t posted this tab on 09/03/11 | 17 Comments

Synth Driven Ambient Progressive Metal -  See More»

Rating: 6

I kinda wrote this originally with the idea that, essentially, synth can make any song sound epic and alot cooler. Also that you can make complex sounding songs within the confines of 4/4 posted this tab on 09/01/11 | 63 Comments

Progressive Metalcore -  See More»

Rating: 6

I tried to make this a bit polyrhythmic with the chugging and melodic/catchy with the leads. The progressive elements play into the clean guitar interlude. You'll like it. posted this tab on 09/01/11 | 24 Comments

Everything In Between -  See More»

Rating: 10

A pretty interesting ambient progressive metal piece that I put together over the course of about a month.

Cmurray posted this tab on 07/23/11 | 8 Comments

Of Death's Last Calling -  See More»

Rating: 0

this is another new virtues song. new recordings soon!!!

virtues posted this tab on 04/15/11 | 6 Comments

Kultur Shock - Tutti frutti -  See More»

Rating: 0

First part of the song "Tutti frutti" by Kultur shock. It uses various rhythms.

nikola posted this tab on 05/11/10 | 56 Comments
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