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Tabs in metal!

Work in progress HELP -  See More»

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Started this earlier but at a loss of where to take it. Please any contribution/ collaboration would be appreciated :)

dorcusmcflidus posted this tab on 03/16/16 | 6 Comments

Boom -  See More»

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dorcusmcflidus posted this tab on 03/15/16 | 16 Comments

The Fundamental -  See More»

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Latest few

dorcusmcflidus posted this tab on 03/15/16 | 6 Comments

I Will not be Lead -  See More»

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I Will not be Lead

Trippyeast posted this tab on 03/04/16 | 13 Comments

The Destroyer's Saga -  See More»

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The longest song I have written, finishing just over 23mins. Being part of a larger beast of 6 20+ min songs, this song follows the story of the destroyer and the music follows his deeds as it plays.

mania45454 posted this tab on 02/13/16 | 26 Comments

sad -  See More»

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It was fun.

D-51 posted this tab on 11/27/15 | 6 Comments

Stairway to Heaven -  See More»

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It's Stairway to Heaven, what more description do you need? Fine. By Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin IV

BrokenRobot posted this tab on 11/13/15 | 15 Comments

Insanity -  See More»

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A sound which comes from the asshole of the modern inspiration of a crazy drug-addict. Heavy.

Boomixx posted this tab on 11/06/15 | 20 Comments

Born of Osiris - Follow the Signs -  See More»

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Copied from a songsterr tab with the same name. All of the credit goes to him for making this tab, I just copied it down. I do not own this song or Born of Osiris. The drums are a little laggy at the end.

mrtaffy14 posted this tab on 10/25/15 | 18 Comments

new song -  See More»

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song im working on

midimusic posted this tab on 07/24/15 | 21 Comments
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