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Tabs in jazz!

Fusion style chord progression -  See More»

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This is a simple progression in jazz/fusion like chords. Very uncommon, similar to Allan Holdsworth chords. This is not a composition or song, just an idea in a intervalic chord structured progression with a resolving jazz chord at the end.

Ferroll posted this tab on 05/08/17 | 8 Comments

Original Song 1 -  See More»

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song i made i dont know if the dgd influences are too strong

FeidyWap posted this tab on 05/26/16 | 38 Comments

bitter sweet -  See More»

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nagashima posted this tab on 03/18/16 | 2 Comments

Exercices sur In A Sentimental Mood -  See More»

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Guitare Jazz Toulouse

Accords avec fondamentale ? la basse Arp?ges sur les 5 premi?res cases

Guitare Jazz Toulouse posted this tab on 02/07/16 | 6 Comments

In a Sentimental Modd -  See More»

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una pieza antigua pero bellísima

Cna posted this tab on 02/23/15 | 6 Comments

Thriving and Building -  See More»

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A 7 minute jazzyish piece that I wrote a coupla months back. It's filled with mostly ambient guitar and piano.

mania45454 posted this tab on 07/27/14 | 13 Comments

Trioscapes - Curse of the Ninth - intro -  See More»

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Luke Garrett

Bass and drums only. No idea if the bass is right or not, I just copied it from the guitar pro file on ultimate-guitar, and did the rest by ear for fun. The drums are flawless though.

Luke Garrett posted this tab on 07/02/14 | 9 Comments

Birk's Work -  See More»

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Head Melody

m.nareznoy posted this tab on 12/27/13 | 7 Comments

Some Funkee Shit -  See More»

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Nice funksong, I wrote for a while. It's not finished (i'm waiting for new creativity) but it has some good parts i want to share, like the piano-solo at the end. Please listen to it and rate it!!!

Alcest posted this tab on 08/13/13 | 11 Comments

Strataspheric Space -  See More»

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The forth part of the five parter. The final clean only part before the final part kicks in. Has another short jazz interlude (The jazzy part being the solo really)

mania45454 posted this tab on 07/24/13 | 15 Comments
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