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Tabs in indie!

Not sure... "grow" part 2. -  See More»

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In progress preview of a rock-ish song. Please, check out my Facebook and MuseScore pages. It would be much appreciated. They have new and in-progress music, more like this by me. :) +

Kh15963 posted this tab on 06/26/15 | 20 Comments

Once or twice -  See More»

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I'm a fool on guitars, in general the other instruments save my ass, but this one isn't that bad and is driven more by guitar than bass (not as normally). PS: I was 12 days away and nobody posted something here ...strange. ^_^

Geotic posted this tab on 09/21/14 | 9 Comments

Heroes (Update) -  See More»

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updated song, more detail, transitions, pan, coordination, etc. Need still better guitar-riffs, don't do it in Tuxguitar, maybe when recording.. if ever ;-)

Geotic posted this tab on 08/06/14 | 8 Comments

Heroes -  See More»

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new song done, a good one, for a band I never will have...sigh. Would be fun to play, even there could be some changes. But there's always something to change or to exchange (lacking guitar-riffs). Now I'm happy as it is, for a while.. ;-)

Geotic posted this tab on 07/27/14 | 7 Comments

The Tarrasque -  See More»

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A darker sounding, bass-driven track

JakeTheRipper posted this tab on 04/11/14 | 8 Comments

Lucas Kane - A song for you -  See More»

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Good liric song.

destabilizer posted this tab on 04/06/14 | 9 Comments

Wasted -  See More»

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My first elaborated song since a half year. Nice to see and hear from the community again. A lot of new guys here.. The song is almost complete, just working on details. Maybe a longer bridge with solo is needed to make it longer. Any other suggestions?

Geotic posted this tab on 03/15/14 | 10 Comments

Indie Song(work in progress) -  See More»

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Song for my band.

cecil@harvey posted this tab on 07/24/12 | 39 Comments

Aquel Lugar -  See More»

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The newest version of "Aquel Lugar" by Okazo.

Kukenbruder posted this tab on 12/02/11 | 7 Comments

Sharp -  See More»

Rating: 6

A little progressive. Messing around with different time signatures and a bunch of layering stuff.

nomsonbraynz posted this tab on 11/10/11 | 22 Comments
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