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Tabs in guitar!

new song -  See More»

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song im working on

midimusic posted this tab on 07/24/15 | 21 Comments

Cold And Helpless -  See More»

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Tried some stuff out and got this.

djtrijallic posted this tab on 06/27/15 | 31 Comments

(Egyptian/Spanish Guitar style... in progress). Orchestral rock world music? -  See More»

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I confuzzle myself. I have my own category maybe heheh. Enjoy! Feedback would be much appreciated.

Kh15963 posted this tab on 06/26/15 | 53 Comments

Need help -  See More»

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Mario2081 posted this tab on 06/18/15 | 26 Comments

Free From Forms -  See More»

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Something I came up with. Personal favorite from my collection.

djtrijallic posted this tab on 06/14/15 | 37 Comments

Pledging my love -  See More»

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Certains passages de la chanson. Adapté pour guitare.

DJI posted this tab on 06/10/15 | 11 Comments

Herold -  See More»

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First tab on this site :D Please leave some feedback.

Lüüser posted this tab on 05/04/15 | 36 Comments

another new -  See More»

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more music!

midimusic posted this tab on 04/28/15 | 8 Comments

Stolen Dance -  See More»

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This is the start of my tabs for stolen dance but whenever i quit tuxguitar they wont open so before i quit im going to export my tabs from now on

m_clarke posted this tab on 04/22/15 | 9 Comments

Nightmares (Unfinished) -  See More»

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Again, another unfinished piece. Don't mind the synth, I'm not done with it (obviously.) Features tempo changes and blasting drums.

Metalizer63 posted this tab on 04/14/15 | 15 Comments
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