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Tabs in epic!

Steeds of Ethmar -  See More»

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The very first real song I wrote on Tuxguitar. I wrote it on the old version, in which the instruments fit the song way better. Enjoy! (Especially Maijion)

Smithmonger posted this tab on 05/15/14 | 8 Comments

Warrior's Spirit -  See More»

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This is a song I did a while ago in school. I had to make several versions until i get this, so I decided it was the best version.

ScarletBlood posted this tab on 12/30/13 | 11 Comments

Soulbeat -  See More»

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An epic long term creation by myself. I hold it in high regard and I think that its the best thing ever. :D Thanks for listening!

Maijion1 posted this tab on 12/21/13 | 10 Comments

The Legends of Dalvon - Part 2 -  See More»

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Here is the second enstallment of the Legends of Dalvon Series - Enjoy and Comment!! - The Giea Prince -

Giea_Prince posted this tab on 11/02/13 | 14 Comments

Grey Eminence (By Reanimator) -  See More»

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An old song I added the lyrics on. With plenty of solos.

Reanimator posted this tab on 04/20/13 | 22 Comments

The Evil Mage (By Reanimator) -  See More»

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I got my violin out of the spider webs and did some riffs for it. It's not my usual stuff, it sounds less morbid. I'll try to go positive for a while. Here's what I did today. It's repetitive but I can stand it.

Reanimator posted this tab on 02/11/13 | 13 Comments

Add Game -  See More»

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Added my own flare to it really. Some relatively melodic metal with some scale work on 7-Strings that are intune with the rest of the song. The transition however may need some work.

mania45454 posted this tab on 01/21/13 | 21 Comments

Kill the Warlord (work in progress) -  See More»

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This is some score for a story I've written (Red Sky), which is the plot for a novel.

DickerBergjude posted this tab on 11/28/12 | 13 Comments

Ascend (Progress finished) -  See More»

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There it is.

DickerBergjude posted this tab on 08/10/12 | 15 Comments
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