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Peace Forgotten -  See More»

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One of the songs from my concept album. It's not the strongest but it's definitely not the weakest.

mania45454 posted this tab on 11/22/14 | 19 Comments

deluge -  See More»

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Here is an instrumental piece I wrote this night. Always wanted to do something with this bassline I had 2 years in the drawer. As I began to think about different song parts I noticed that I don't wanna to go away from this tune, so I decided in the meanwhile to leave this song as an instrumental without lyrics and the classical song parts. Maybe I will add other stuff or putting in more dynamics, but it's alright for a few hours work (means a night:)) The title refers to the current floods in mid europe.

Geotic posted this tab on 06/07/13 | 8 Comments

Who's yourself ? -  See More»

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Another wich is not finished, but I work on it!

Gonfalon posted this tab on 03/30/13 | 12 Comments

Ultra-absolut -  See More»

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The beginning of a new song I've worked on. It's a bit experimental. Please listen to it and rate it (constructive critism ;) )

Alcest posted this tab on 01/18/13 | 8 Comments
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