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Tabs in bass!

Illusion -  See More»

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say what do you think? :P

Mario2081 posted this tab on 03/21/14 | 15 Comments

Demo Take 2 -  See More»

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okay here I come with something now and yeah Solo is still in build btw I would like to thank Geotic for a advice I forgot to add a bass-drum to my track's I have no idea why But now you have it ;) and yeah as they say so does metal

Mario2081 posted this tab on 03/12/14 | 44 Comments

That's the Havy Metal Spirit -  See More»

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Okay here is the latest material I wrote, it's a bit longer then my other stuff It contains of 3 solos It's a mix of havy metal and rock Please comment and Enjoy!!

Mario2081 posted this tab on 02/21/14 | 33 Comments

Sweet Release -  See More»

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Please leave a comment, any constructive criticism helps!

fossa_II posted this tab on 02/20/14 | 11 Comments

Every Breath You Take (Bass) -  See More»

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The Police - Every Breath You Take (Bass)

patje posted this tab on 01/30/14 | 9 Comments

Causticity (my first full song) -  See More»

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This is my first full song I've written. Any feedback would be appreciated.

FossaII posted this tab on 01/13/14 | 20 Comments

In Time - Sly And the Family Stone -  See More»

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Rustee Allen's very funky bass line.

adambs posted this tab on 10/08/13 | 10 Comments

Dancing in the Moonlight -  See More»

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Dancing in the Moonlight by Thin Lizzy

Propellerhead posted this tab on 09/08/13 | 11 Comments

Interstate Love Song - Bassline -  See More»

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Interstate Love Song Bass Tab

speculum74 posted this tab on 07/23/13 | 10 Comments

Not So Folk -  See More»

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This is a easy-listening song, partially written in a 15/8 signature. It is meant to have lyrics some day.

MisterInvisible posted this tab on 06/30/13 | 10 Comments
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