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Tabs in addgame!

The Key Keeper (v 2.0 by Sam Gen, Mikmojjo and Reanimator) -  See More»

Rating: 0

I added lyrics to a song made by Sam Gen, and Mikmojjo during an addgame one year ago. About a cop chasing a thief riding an ice cream truck full throttle :) Here is the address for Sam Gen's previous version

Reanimator posted this tab on 06/10/13 | 15 Comments

The Asymptotic* Edges of Life (v 2.0) -  See More»

Rating: 10

I added a voice track to a song we did long ago. The voice track has changed drastically the overall mood of the song.
*An asymptote is a mathematical term that stands for "an unreachable limit"

Reanimator posted this tab on 04/27/12 | 14 Comments

Rock Opera Team -  See More»

Rating: 10

I've added a few acts to our Rock Opera :)

Reanimator posted this tab on 04/21/12 | 13 Comments

ChainsawVSGod's-Addgame-Jan2012 -  See More»

Rating: 10

While humming the song for myself, I found a ending riff for a past addgame.

Reanimator posted this tab on 03/13/12 | 15 Comments

The Fury of the Betrayed -  See More»

Rating: 10

The project was started in november 2011 by ChainsawVsGod, then Kieran1997 and I joined. Here are the Lyrics Once upon a time lived a man with is wife,
On a quiet farm right under the blue sky,
They had a garden, many sheeps and a dog,
They needed a worker, I applied for the job

They rented me a room, in a small shed backyard
I cleaned the stables, after milking the cows
I remained sober and did all of my chores
But I would go wrong as soon as they were gone

The fury of the betrayed justifies his thirst,
when every thing else has failed he makes it worst

When I would get caught he'd beat hell out of me
Since I needed the job I forebore silently
Bitten by his whip I thought about vengeance
Every night I wished for my deliverance


He kept beating me till I beg him in tears
His wife would help me to get back on my feet
She had faith in me despite controversy
He wouldn't dare oppose the will of his lady

(Repeat chorus)

But every friday the boss goes out of town
And then the lady would make him a cuckold
She had an affair with a bigger stallion
She's the mistress I abide her decision

Then she got pregnant and when the baby born
She told her husband to take care of her son
He went to the barn and brought back a gas can
And I got fired, without further income

(Repeat chorus)

(Solo: Kieran)

Reanimator posted this tab on 10/30/11 | 10 Comments

Explosion (By Sam Gen and Reanimator) -  See More»

Rating: 6

Here's my last update for a song originally proposed by Sam Gen, here in TuxGuitar community. Among my favorites!

Reanimator posted this tab on 10/28/11 | 56 Comments

Track 7-Howl -  See More»

Rating: 9

This has taken a turn to the insane. I added a lead over Sam's riff and its bonkers to say the least. Hope its alright.

mania45454 posted this tab on 10/09/11 | 6 Comments

Addgame -  See More»

Rating: 9

Here's a collective song I really enjoyed participating. The whole song was already built, I just added the bass (synwave). Originally proposed by ChainsawVsGod, and followed by JACOB MILLER - RoxGuitarist and me, here at Tuxguitar community.

Reanimator posted this tab on 09/20/11 | 27 Comments

The wizard's poke (to be continued) -  See More»

Rating: 0

The poke is dark, made of condensed shadow. It comes from a parallel world and it is used from there, by the wizard, to act upon mortals. It pokes us somewhere between the shoulder and then, we stop doing what we were doing, as if it had lured our thoughts toward something else. I think that wizards just do it to protect us from discovering things we shouldn't. There's a lot more to say about it, theses things I just don't understand yet...

Reanimator posted this tab on 09/17/11 | 15 Comments
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