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Best Guitar Cords -  See More»

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Hello, I am Jenny Gunn and I am a professional guitarist as well as I am an experienced writer at Custom College Assignment Help. Here I am going to share some useful and beutiful tux song to play and learn online because This art is for everyone and everyone can learn it easily. Thanks

jennygunn11 posted this tab on 09/17/16 | 22 Comments

midi song -  See More»

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another song ive done not sure if its been posted before but i havent posted in a while so thought i would put this up

midimusic posted this tab on 07/28/16 | 52 Comments

new song -  See More»

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song im working on

midimusic posted this tab on 07/24/15 | 21 Comments

another new -  See More»

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more music!

midimusic posted this tab on 04/28/15 | 8 Comments

new -  See More»

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one of the songs that i have written using tux guitar

midimusic posted this tab on 03/10/15 | 7 Comments

Give Up - Low Roar -  See More»

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A great song by a great artist, this is probably the only tab out there for the song, and I guarantee that it is 100% correct other than the key it's in. he tunes his guitar lower or something to get it where it is in the recorded version. Enjoy!

jpaulmcpherson posted this tab on 04/07/14 | 58 Comments

In a Worm Hole -  See More»

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My first music, enjoy

ScarletBlood posted this tab on 12/22/13 | 11 Comments

Halloween -  See More»

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Was messing with a few notes and came up with this. Gives a Halloweenish vibe might take it further. It'll be great if you guys would leave comments and suggestions!

FaithMusicThought posted this tab on 05/26/13 | 18 Comments

Sweden remix -  See More»

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This is a song I made for fun ^^ compared to all the other hardcore songs on the list, this one is a bit softer for the ears. enjoy! :D

ymutatumtum posted this tab on 09/16/12 | 16 Comments

The Crazy Life -  See More»

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It is a descriptin of an crazy life

danilobito posted this tab on 07/26/12 | 12 Comments
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