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Tabs in Mikmojjo!

The Key Keeper (v 2.0 by Sam Gen, Mikmojjo and Reanimator) -  See More»

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I added lyrics to a song made by Sam Gen, and Mikmojjo during an addgame one year ago. About a cop chasing a thief riding an ice cream truck full throttle :) Here is the address for Sam Gen's previous version

Reanimator posted this tab on 06/10/13 | 15 Comments

Masterpiece Project -  See More»

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I added a wee bit to the project. :)

Mikmojjo[M2k3] posted this tab on 10/06/12 | 12 Comments

Add Game - Sam's -  See More»

Rating: 10

I added a bit too Sam Gen's add game :-)

Mikmojjo[M2k3] posted this tab on 05/05/12 | 13 Comments
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