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Tabs in Melodic!

CFL -  See More»

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Please take a listen rate and comment :) I'm glad to share this art with you guys....

Mario2081 posted this tab on 10/27/13 | 20 Comments

what's with all these spambots -  See More»

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it's full of bitch

cosmogenesis91 posted this tab on 08/08/13 | 9 Comments

Of Earth and Matter -  See More»

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The full five parter, complete with simple transitions. The whole thing clocks in at 23.36 so be prepared for a long listen.

mania45454 posted this tab on 08/04/13 | 28 Comments

Strataspheric Space -  See More»

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The forth part of the five parter. The final clean only part before the final part kicks in. Has another short jazz interlude (The jazzy part being the solo really)

mania45454 posted this tab on 07/24/13 | 15 Comments

Earth Bound -  See More»

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I'm doing something similar to Dub (Because he inspires me so :D) and I'm starting work on my own 5 part song (Not a symphony mind since I could not write one) but it will be a 5 part part metal song of sorts....that starts with something that has nothing even metal like about it.

mania45454 posted this tab on 07/14/13 | 11 Comments

Reanimate the Lost -  See More»

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A melodic metal piece using an odd seven-string tuning. Somehow worked out.

mania45454 posted this tab on 07/14/13 | 14 Comments

Fallen For You -  See More»

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Fallen For You By Mark Smith

fayer posted this tab on 07/01/13 | 7 Comments

Expand -  See More»

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Not quite finished with this one, but almost there. I need to fit some stuff together still, but this is about 90% done. The long melodic solo part is probably my favorite. Kinda mixing some gnarly layering ideas together. Enjoy! -RS

nomsonbraynz posted this tab on 06/20/13 | 19 Comments

Is the bed enough? (version 2) -  See More»

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Gonfalon posted this tab on 06/17/13 | 10 Comments

Halloween -  See More»

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Was messing with a few notes and came up with this. Gives a Halloweenish vibe might take it further. It'll be great if you guys would leave comments and suggestions!

FaithMusicThought posted this tab on 05/26/13 | 18 Comments
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