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Tabs in Drums!

Rise of the Dragonslayer -  See More»

Rating: 9

a song i wrote for fun and spent a long time on it. PLEASE RATE THANKS :D

tzeshiuan posted this tab on 05/31/11 | 72 Comments

DJ Metal -  See More»

Rating: 6

Wrote another metal song. It doesnt have bass... as I am always prone to leave out... sorry any bass players. IMO it doesnt need too much bass. anyway. listen and enjoy then rate and comment.

smlint posted this tab on 05/31/11 | 13 Comments

synth21 -  See More»

Rating: 10

Wrote another synth song

smlint posted this tab on 05/31/11 | 14 Comments

King -  See More»

Rating: 8

Added Bass. now you can comment and rate all you want. enjoy. I really like the song

smlint posted this tab on 05/26/11 | 19 Comments

yeeeaaaahhhh -  See More»

Rating: 3


bobz posted this tab on 05/17/11 | 8 Comments

Forge -  See More»

Rating: 4

This song it similar in structure to my song Epic Rock. I kinda like this one better though. Some people didnt like Epic Rock, so maybe they will like this one more. Leave comments and rate. Any Thoughts, Suggestions, and Criticisms are welcome.

smlint posted this tab on 04/24/11 | 13 Comments

Techno Rock (Synth 3) -  See More»

Rating: 10

Pretty short and worth listening too. its all in 15/16 time, but i didnt put too much effort into it so the time signature isnt perfectly blended like it could have been. but I got the most out of the effort i put. Its really catchy. so post your comments and rate.

smlint posted this tab on 04/20/11 | 279 Comments

Epic Rock -  See More»

Rating: 0

I really like how this song came out. not intended to have vocals btw. Anyway, I think its pretty amazing so let me know what you think by commenting and rating please. PS- I was going to add bass. I will do that tomorrow. My girlfriend wants me to go to bed. I will repost this after I write some bass. unless people post and say they dont think it needs bass.

smlint posted this tab on 04/19/11 | 23 Comments

Drum Track -  See More»

Rating: 9

I threw together a drum track (pretty quickly, so its not my best) but i was just going to see if I could have a little fun. so LISTEN UP. download this track and add guitar, bass, piano, anything, and make it awesome. I just want to see if anyone can make a good song when they have to work inside a set drum track =) Let me know when you've made a song by commenting on this track and i'll check it out. Happy Writing =)

smlint posted this tab on 04/13/11 | 96 Comments

Furg's Swamp -  See More»

Rating: 9

Work in progress. Very old school (NES/SNES) video game influenced. Guitar-less metal. Not sure what Furg is doing in his swamp or how it will turn out. Suggestions?

Clunkst posted this tab on 03/26/11 | 16 Comments
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