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Gravity Falls - 70's Soft Disco -  See More»

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In Soundtrack as "Slow Dance 1 70's" By Brad Breeck

Takamino posted this tab on 11/10/16 | 5 Comments

Post it pop -  See More»

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This song was a song I wrote a while ago. I changed things and improved them. I want to make it longer, but I like it as it is. Please tell me what you think.

That posted this tab on 11/11/13 | 17 Comments

Electric Mongoose -  See More»

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I haven't posted in a while, so I have lost my mojo a bit. This song is very repudiative, I'm warning you now. Please give advice because this song is still a while off completion. Thanks

That posted this tab on 06/21/13 | 17 Comments
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