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greensleeves -  See More»

Rating: 0

enjoy :)

ioseph posted this tab on 01/24/13 | 41 Comments

Alchemic Santa Claus (By Reanimator) -  See More»

Rating: 0

Heres some accoustic song, fingerpicked, arranged for christmass style. The drum track has been muted, cause Im not satisfied with it yet, it still needs improvement, and interlude and a solo, but since Im already late for a christmas post, I send it even though its not finished. Rate and comment.

Reanimator posted this tab on 12/27/12 | 26 Comments

Slender Man -  See More»

Rating: 0

I decided to make my own Slender Man song. I may add on to it later on.

MetalMan6224 posted this tab on 07/13/12 | 244 Comments

freedom -  See More»

Rating: 4

Describtion :DD

DickerBergjude posted this tab on 04/09/12 | 16 Comments

The Beatles - Blackbird -  See More»

Rating: 8

something i figured out myself :) enjoy :)

tzeshiuan posted this tab on 12/29/11 | 109 Comments

es. 73 greensleeves -  See More»

Rating: 6

Tratto dal videocorso di chitarra di Franco Mussida (1995)

robizucc posted this tab on 11/06/11 | 38 Comments

Es. 72 -  See More»

Rating: 4

Tratto dal videocorso di chitarra di Franco Mussida (1995) - Andante grazioso di F. Carulli

robizucc posted this tab on 11/06/11 | 15 Comments

Sor, Fernando - Adagio -  See More»

Rating: 6

Hello TuxGuitar World!

webHauser posted this tab on 10/27/11 | 15 Comments

duo duvernoy -  See More»

Rating: 8

guitar duet

tux76 posted this tab on 10/24/11 | 14 Comments

Minuet in G (Bach) -  See More»

Rating: 9

Minuet in G (Bach), for two guitars

mnmnm666 posted this tab on 10/11/11 | 82 Comments
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