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Imitator -  See More»

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Imitator by J. Andrew L Minter

andrewminter posted this tab on 06/21/17 | 0 Comments

Eric Johnson - Cliffs of Dover -  See More»

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"Cliffs of Dover" is an instrumental composition by guitarist Eric Johnson which appeared on his 1990 Ah Via Musicom album. The album version of the song is composed in the key of G major, the song was played with a Gibson ES-335 (as well as a Fender Stratocaster) through a B.K. Butler Tube Driver[1] and an Echoplex plugged into a 100-watt Marshall amplifier.[2][3] The song takes its name from the White Cliffs of Dover, an extensive and visually stunning chalk outcrop that runs along the southeast coast of England. It is also featured on the video game Guitar Hero III and is available as DLC for the game Rocksmith.

andersonvom posted this tab on 06/18/17 | 0 Comments

Itteki no eikyou -  See More»

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Tunning:Drop C

nitchyo posted this tab on 06/15/17 | 0 Comments

Now I see thy looks were feigned -  See More»

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Composer: Thomas Ford (1580-1648)

panno.luca posted this tab on 06/07/17 | 0 Comments

Dawny - Drama -  See More»

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Dawny - Drama

zhariffff posted this tab on 05/30/17 | 2 Comments

Je l'aime ? mourir (F. Cabrel) -  See More»

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Je l'aime ? mourir (F. Cabrel)

vince16 posted this tab on 05/27/17 | 2 Comments

Find Me a Priest -  See More»

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SkinnyZ56 posted this tab on 05/17/17 | 2 Comments

uhhhhhhhhhhhh -  See More»

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but nuster

me me big boy

but nuster posted this tab on 05/16/17 | 4 Comments

Telenovela Dulce Amor (Tema de Entrada) -  See More»

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Versión Sencilla.

kevinddr21 posted this tab on 05/13/17 | 4 Comments

Kein V. Raad - Cuerdas -  See More»

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kevinddr21 posted this tab on 05/13/17 | 2 Comments
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