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Memory - Ib (easier full arrangement):) -  See More»

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Musical Potato

I have arranged an easier version of Memory from Ib based on aetheran's arrangement: I have converted his arrangement into standard turning, and changed some parts to further resemble the original soundtrack from the game. Memory is written by Yasupochi, an awesome musician for the awesome game Ib, his channel: Original soundtrack of Memory in Ib: Thanku for checking my first arrangement out, hope u enjoy:)

Musical Potato posted this tab 1 days ago | 0 Comments

Literally Every Deathcore Song Ever -  See More»

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An illustration of a dead genre

shankmuffin posted this tab 4 days ago | 0 Comments

test1024 -  See More»

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test for sss1024

sss1024 posted this tab 6 days ago | 0 Comments

Soul craft by bad brains (Guitar solo part) -  See More»

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This tab quality is poor because the first time I made. Please use only for rough fingering confirmation.

sicker7748 posted this tab 7 days ago | 0 Comments

Guitar Polka -  See More»

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From my Eastern European roots, a lively piece for two guitars. Good workout for advanced students (and their teachers!).

OldschoolJazzer posted this tab on 06/19/16 | 0 Comments

Art of Yngwie Malmsten - Am Triad -  See More»

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Art of Yngwie Malmsten - Am Triad

rafaelszp posted this tab on 06/18/16 | 0 Comments

al ver -  See More»

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amor y please

reysas posted this tab on 06/18/16 | 0 Comments

Metal demo -  See More»

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just learning how to use this program working on some riffs i have writing for a project i kno wit needs wprk

cparsons26 posted this tab on 06/15/16 | 2 Comments

The Tuxguitar Conspiracy -  See More»

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Enter the matrix and the answer will be revealed

shankmuffin posted this tab on 06/13/16 | 1 Comments

Sleepless nights -  See More»

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Composed by Filip Hoppula, guitar player in Sleepless Nights.

FilipHoppula posted this tab on 06/13/16 | 0 Comments
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